Urban Environment

Lusoco technology will be present in the urban environment to enable new possibilities, as well as improving the existing applications.

Street Furniture

Street furniture is an important connection between the city and its citizen, influencing the scene of a city. With aesthetic prints that are either energy generating or energy efficient, communication between citizen and the city becomes possible. The illuminated print can be a part of the city marketing, a new method to show the city-identity. Our prints are there for communication, while our smart electronics are used to communicate with either sensors or IoT applications, without requiring a connection to the power-grid. 


Architects are in the unique position to create landmarks in the city. They provide the building with a special silhouette to communicate presence and show pride. Landmarks are used by habitants and visitors of the city as a point of recognition. This works perfectly during the daytime, but often results in challenges during the night, as it is rather difficult to realize that landmark without extensive lighting and light pollution. With our platform technology applied in the facade of the building, it is possible to realize a landmark without high power consumption. In fact, energy harvesting combined with visuals now becomes the state of the art. With this type of facade, the visual communication is energy neutral or even generating, allowing our smart electronics to operate or even become part of the building management system.


Next to large glass facades, glass becomes an interesting material to be applied inside a building. With its numerous benefits, additional functionality can be added by having a decorative print that can display a message, while also glowing. These applications can either be permanent, but are also being developed in the form of a replaceable sticker, for non-permanent communication. We provide the technology, but require you to create astonishing visuals for the next generation in illuminated visual communication.