Lusoco is an innovative Dutch start-up that offers a platform technology consisting of unique fluorescent inks, and enabling technologies of electronics and solar cells for a wide variety of applications. By advancing the state of the technology continuously, the company creates a diverse portfolio of products.

Our platform technology is based on the working principle of luminescent solar concentrator technology. A high refractive index material (glass, polymers) is used as a waveguide to concentrate light.

Our fluorescent ink is printed on glass interlayer or (self-adhesive) foil, that guides and concentrates light to the side edges of the glass or polymer. This results in a highly visible print. When illuminated by side edge LED this results in a light-emitting high visible image with very low energy consumption. Outdoor it can also be used for energy harvesting, combined with energy storage. To monitor the performance and environmental monitoring the applications can be IoT connected.

With the four enabling technologies and our core technology of fluorescent inks, we have a palette of possibilities in different application sectors.