Lusoco is an innovative Dutch start-up that offers a platform technology consisting of unique fluorescent inks, and enabling technologies of electronics and solar cells for a wide variety of applications. By advancing the state of the technology continuously, the company creates a diverse portfolio of products.


Our inks are either visible or invisible during the day, but can always illuminate on demand, allowing the inks to be used in a wide variety of applications. Next to the illumination effect, also light concentration and energy generation is possible.  The invisible inks can be illuminated on demand. The each dyes can be illuminated with a specific wavelength of light. This is especially interesting for decorative or information elements in cars, which can shown on demand.


This concept works via fluorescent inks that absorb sunlight and release energy in the form of light. Using this principle on glass or polymers results in a waveguide function. The sunlight is concentrated to the edges of the glass where small solar cells are located, generating electricity that is then stored in a battery. At night, this energy powers LEDs at the edge of the glass, causing the high contrast illuminated images. Because this happens only where the ink is printed, high contrast with low power consumption is achieved.


This allows for instance fully autonomous visual communication, where we use our expertise in inkjet printing, solar cell technology, electronics, energy management and IoT.