Using fluorescent dyes to absorb sunlight and light guiding this towards edge-attached solar cells is the key of our technology.

The working principle of the device is based on luminescent solar concentrator technology. A high refractive index material (glass, polymers) is used as a waveguide to concentrate light.

Our fluorescent ink is printed on glass or interlayers, that guides and concentrates light to the side edges of the glass. This results in a highly visible print that is capable of energy harvesting, combined with signage applications and decoration. At the side edges of the printed glass panel, solar cell strips are applied that allow energy harvesting of the concentrated edge emitting light. Flexible thin film solar cells are used for this that are integrated in the frame of the construction and store this in an integrated battery. Alongside the energy harvesting, our coating is also used to emit light during the night, by reversing the principle with edge applied illumination, opening new opportunities to combine energy harvesting with visualization.

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