Signage Applications

The first signage application was realized on the premise of  Van Happen Containers. Although it was hard and expensive to get electricity at the desired location the need for illuminated signage was still there. 

In September 2020, Lusoco revealed its Signage Application, showing the new revolutionary concept of large-scale printed Luminescent Solar Concentrator technology as self-sustaining signage. This allowed us to demonstrate our cutting-edge highly fluorescent inks that facilitate energy/sunlight collection and concentration to our side attached solar cells.

The installed sign during the day and night.

With an estimate of 173,000 illuminated signs in the Netherlands alone, the energy-saving potential for this application is as much as 70.000 households. Next to this, the ease of installation and possibility to relocate is an important value proposition to choose for sustainable signage.

Illuminated sticker

When a business has a lot of stickers for identifying all the services they are offering your service doesn’t stand out. With an illuminated sticker, your service is more notable than the others. 

  • Easy to place
  • No power connection
  • High visibility during day and night 
  • Illuminated during dark hours
  • Self-powered



Energy-generating floor plans on Strijp-S at the OM DE HOEK parking garage in Eindhoven. Strijp-S is in full development and visitors sometimes get disoriented as a result. Illuminated wayfinding plans are a thing of the past. But for the residents near the wayfinding plans it is important that there is no light pollution. “Due to the high density of underground infrastructure such as district heating, sewerage, electricity and data networks, it is very risky and too expensive to realize an additional connection for wayfinding boards. Wayfinding from Lusoco is here a perfect fit ” says Paul Heijmand of WSP-Infra 

Visitors to Strijp-S see the sign when leaving the parking garage “OM DE HOEK” and immediately see which way they have to go to get to the right building. Both during the day and at night when the wayfinding plan is illuminated without light pollution. 

In the Netherlands there are 6650 places and hamlets that all have wayfinding plans, which are largely lit with LED lighting or with energy-consuming fluorescent lighting. Lusoco offers an alternative for this, where the Wayfinding plan ensures that energy is generated. When it is dark, the wayfinding signage is illuminated with the energy generated from the previous day. These energy-neutral or even energy-positive floor plans now make it possible to place illuminated floor plans in locations where this was not possible before, or where it is simply too expensive for an electricity connection. 

We are interested in collaborating with you to further validate our technology and potential impact in our accessible markets. Dare to challenge us with new projects to become a member of our community of energy harvesting glass.