Our highly fluorescent inks revolutionize illuminated visual communication.



Lusoco developed a platform technology using highly fluorescent inks and smart electronics.

Lusoco is a tech start-up focusing on a revolutionary new approach in the signage, automotive and urban environment for a brighter and more colorful future. 

Signage Automotive Urban Environment

High fluorescent inks used for Commercial and informational Illuminated visual communication. We provide net-zero energy consumption, paired with an up to 50% higher contrast and faster recognition as well as 80% less light pollution. 

Signalling, Informational, Design in laminated car glass and other internal and external design features powered by printing (in)visible inks that can be lighted on demand, enabling the creation of multi-color, high-resolution graphics.

Design, commercial and informational features to façades, interior and street furniture with extreme low energy consumption or even off-grid depending on local situation. IoT enabled to connect to the environment

Our Believe

We believe that energy harvesting need no compromise in aesthetics. Printing stunning designs that harvest daylight and shine at night is where we want to excel.