Urban Environment Applications

Street Furniture

Street furniture is influencing the well-being of the citizens. With aesthetic print which is illuminated during the night influences this also during the night. The illuminated print can be a part of the city marketing. Our smart electronics can be used to inform the users about the actual time of departures without connection to the power-grid.  


Architects are in a position to create landmarks in the city. They give a building a special silhouette to let the building act as a landmark. Landmarks are used by habitants and visitors of the city to gain a rough direction of travel. This works perfectly during the daytime, but during the night it is rather difficult to realize that landmark without extensive lighting and light pollution. With our platform technology applied in the facade of the building, it is possible to realize a landmark without high power consumption. With this type of facade, the visual communication is energy neutral or even generates an energy surplus and our smart electronics can be coupled to the  building management system


Even interiors can get a new image fitting to the business hiring the floor. It can also be used for indicating on which floor you are when leaving the elevator. The possibilities are endless for interior applications to create astonishing visuals which go even beyond our imagination. Challenge us to fulfill your need for visual communication.

We are interested in collaborating with you to further validate our technology and potential impact in our accessible markets. Dare to challenge us with new projects to become a member of our community.