A trend towards more glass elements with embedded applications is ongoing in automotive. Car interiors are changed from a functional space to a connection with its driver, where communication is becoming more important. With our platform technology, we create additional comfort by adding sunroof prints with soft illumination and special designs. This is our first example of the next generation high-tech automotive glass.

By smart visual communication, our inks are not always visible for the driver or passengers. With our special fluorescent inks, it is possible to realize an inkjet printed image that is invisible, and only illuminated on demand. This allows the generation of visual assistance within a car window, to communicate with the driver.


Visual communication can be used to inform or alert other drivers and pedestrians.
New opportunities and numerous applications with inks in glass become possible, simply limited by your imagination e.g. where the windows communicate the availability of autonomous cars and car sharing.

To advance the technology, we are interested in collaborating with the automotive industry to implement our technology and impact your possibilities in automotive glass. We are ready for the next generation in illuminated visual communication.