Imagine the potential that glass holds as a carrier for new technologies enabling energy harvesting.

Lusoco produces glass that harvests energy during the day and emits light at night.

We believe that energy harvesting need no compromise in aesthetics. Printing glass to create stunning designs that harvest daylight and shine at night is where we want to excel.

What we offer

Lusoco is a tech start-up focusing on a revolutionary new approach in the signage and built environment market for a brighter and more colorful future. Using fluorescent dyes to absorb sunlight and light guiding this towards edge-attached solar cells is the key of our technology.

No power cord

No more struggling with the requirement of an external power grid

Easy to place

Locate, relocate and retain your freedom in placing your signage anywhere

No energy consumption

Our unique ink will make your signage collect its own solar energy

Visible day & night

The same image that harvests energy during the day, shines during the night